Thursday, June 5, 2014

Joyce Manor - "Constant Headache"

Joyce Manor is a California-based indie/punk rock band formed in 2008. Their new album is actually coming out soon (July 22nd of this year!).
This song isn't for everyone. It's the loudest/most obnoxious of all the songs I've talked about so far. There's heavy guitar usage and frequent drum-banging. Listen at your own risk. (I did say punk rock, after all.)
The lyrics aren't complicated and metaphorical. Instead, they're very straightforward and not very open to interpretation. There's not many different meanings; instead, it's pretty clear what the topic is ("I never ever felt so cool disguised in your sheets; "But I'm a constant headache, a tooth out of line"), although I guess you can listen and come up with your own opinion.
Sound interesting? Go ahead and try it out.

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